A.  Central United States Ski Association rules will be used.

B.  Modifications or clarifications:

1.    Each competitor not ready to start when called by the starter shall be run at the end of the race.  In a situation involving “Force Majeure”, the racer would be inserted as close to the original start order as possible.

2.    USSA-approved helmets are required in all events.  No slalom helmets or face guards in speed events.  Speed helmets may be used in slalom--face guard attachment is recommended. 

3.    Any competitor claiming course obstruction or official's error shall be required to leave the course promptly and contact first the closest gate judge, and then Referee to request a provisional re-run.  The jury committee of race officials will determine whether the provisional re-run will stand.

4.    Re-runs, or provisional reruns, shall be authorized ONLY by the Referee.

5.    Foul language, tantrums, or disrespect for race officials by a competitor on or about the course shall subject the competitor to disqualification for the event or the meet

6.    No alcoholic beverage consumption by any officials or contestants will be allowed during the race.

7.    Competitor shall be disqualified if he/she enters the course without his/her bib visibly        displayed.  The racer’s bib will serve as their lift ticket.

8.    Protests shall be made no later than fifteen (15) minutes after the DQ postings.  Protests shall be made by the competitor to the Referee.  DQ postings will be made during the race.

9.    Course inspection shall be conducted by the competitors in the manner prescribed by the Race Chairman on race day.

10. Slipping of the course will be performed by the Course Maintenance Crew under the supervision of the Chief of Course.  Slipping is permitted only between the seeds.  Any violation of this rule by coaches or spectators will result in disqualification of the racer.

11. Racers should be cautioned to take instructions FROM COURSE OFFICIALS ONLY.

12. NETTED COURSE ENFORCEMENT: Course officials ONLY will be permitted INSIDE netted areas.  Coaches and other spectators will be required to remain outside the netting UNLESS assisting with course maintenance AT OFFICIAL’S REQUEST.

13. SINGLE-GATE SLALOM/GS.  Racers must hike a full 360 when missing a single-gate turn.        

14. Baskets are required on the racers’ ski poles.

15. Per USSA rules, speed suits are banned as snowboard attire.







EACH SKI  and SNOWBOARD TEAM SHALL CONSIST OF NO MORE THAN SEVEN (7) MEMBERS.  However, no more than six (6) and no fewer than four (4) members of each team may compete in each team event.  Running orders may be different for each event.



A.  The time of a racer will determine his/her place in each event. The total of the places achieved by the racer in each of the events will indicate his/her place in the overall standings.  The lowest number will represent first place, the second lowest will represent second place, etc. Ties will be broken by adding the racer’s times in each event. The lowest times will represent first place, etc.


B.  Team scoring:      Individual times of each SKI and SNOWBOARD racer will be recorded and placed numerically.  The four best places recorded by each team will become the total place points for that team. The lowest team place points will earn first place, the second lowest combined place points will earn second place, etc.


C.  Team standings:  The team's place points per event will be totaled.  Lowest-point team will be the winner, with the second lowest number being the second place winner, etc. 


D.    In the event of a tie in place points, both for team and individual standings, the total times for each party to the tie will be totaled to break the tie.


E.    Each DNF/DQ finisher will receive 400 race points which will reflect the order of finish for teams

       with fewer than the requisite number of scored racers receiving a time.